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Hands Up Don't Shoot

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Don’t you wear a hoodie – No walking in the street
Armed with bags of Skittles – There’s killers on the beat
Hands up in the day time – And never out at night
Don’t be selling menthols – No breaking up a fight
All you own is loot – So beg them not to shoot

If you do some shopping – If you should take that risk
Don’t you buy a B.B. – Be waiting to be frisk
When you’re at the bus stop – You got to give your name
Someone robbed a banker – Recall you look the same
You’re gonna get the boot – Just beg them not to shoot

[break 1]

Don’t you wear your colors – Your begging to get shot
If your pants are baggie – You’re surely getting caught
Never hold a spray can – And never puff a jay
Always tell ‘em, “Yes, sir” – That’s all you want to say
And if they give a hoot – Just ask them not to shoot

[break 2]

Cops are here to serve you – And some will serve you bad
If they’re feeling happy – So never make them mad
Some just want to kill you – Because you’re african
Think that you’re a monkey – Don’t think that you’re a man
But you can file a suite – If only they don’t shoot

9/6/2014 Merry Bear

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Like it. Love the lyrics.

Guest said

I really like this.

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Greg Connor said

I can only imagine where the inspiration for this song came from. *Good listening!*

Jason Earls's avatar
Jason Earls said

nice one, fun tune!

Guest said

Very good,I love it!!!