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Here I Am

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I’ve got troubles with my kidneys
My cholesterol is high
Swollen is my prostate
And my pancreas is fried

Well my blood pressure is boiling
And I really should be dead
Kiss my woman good-bye
Just before I go to bed

  • But here I am, I’m here to say
  • I’m still singing on my way
  • To wherever I will be
  • When my body’s done with me

Can’t have sugar, no more honey
Tired of passing kidney stones
Stumbling when I’m walking
And I’m losing all my bones

– I may not be here for the morning
– But here I am today
– And while I’m here I will be singing
– I’ve got some things to say

– I may not live to see the morning
– But who is here to stay?
– And while I’m here I will be strumming
– I’ve got some strings to play

Hey, watch out for that cord, you just about unplugged me. Hey, can you help me adjust my BP cup. Oh, don’t get tangled in my IV lines. I’m feeling warm – does that machine say I have a fevor? Oh, don’t tell me it’s time to change my catheter again! Hand me my bed pan.

9/2/2014 Merry Bear

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Perfect attitude. Go down the path with style.

starrynightmoth's avatar
starrynightmoth said

I like it.

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starrynightmoth said

Yeah! What she said!!!

Guest said

LOL! Good one, ya ole fogey! (Knuckle cracks) :)