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The Cleaner

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Someone has to clean up this mess. Sometimes it’s me.
Look at me
Large and in charge, taking down names
The way to be
In control of every part of your little game
Getting things done
you don’t have to like my method or tack
But you gotta admit
I’m the one to put you back on track

When you call upon The Cleaner
Be prepared to get things done
That’s right, they call me The Cleaner
And fixing your mess is job number one

Look at you
The mess that you made piled around your feet
Whatcha gonna do?
Panic and run out to the street?
Just sit still
I’m here now to set everything right
And perhaps
You’ll find yourself sleeping better tonight
from The Cleaner, released September 4, 2017
Tim - Vox, Guitars, Bass
Clarke - Backing Vox, Keys
Grant - Drums
Andy Samford - Guitar Solo

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Matt Ferrara said

The drums are so killer on this one

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A Bit More Better Productions said

Oh my god Tim!! This Is amazing. My next project is less rappy.. as in no rap.. u know, what you know me for. Would you com on board?!?!?! I can't believe how good this is I really can't. Who/Kinks ish.