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Whisper Number

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A chance to try something different. Tim deconstructed a Spoon song and then created his own tune using the same structure.
She says she knows the whisper number
The one that she shouldn’t know
The words are hiding just under her breath
And she’s afraid to let them go
It’s best kept close to the vest
A place where no one can see
And if you learn the whisper number
Keep it between you and me

Don’t you think that you should keep it to yourself? Well I do
This whisper number is meant for no one else, only you

If you learn the whisper number
The eyes are all on you
People hanging on your every word
Watching everything you do
Stay away from the whisper number
It’s far from your friend
It’s a story that seems great at first
But you won’t like how this one ends

We can’t let this get out on the street, Don’t you see?
This whisper number is meant for no one else, only me
from The Cleaner, released September 4, 2017
Tim - Vox, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming

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A Bit More Better Productions said

Swallowed that riff whole. Now I'm cool as f___. So good. Fair on fire chappy.