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Too Much Figure Skating


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Where’s all this sappy music coming from? The Olympics were on. I must have been watching too much figure skating or something.

Unmastered track from my 2010 RPM Challenge submission.

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Domestic Robot said

this is beautiful... I really love this, thank you.

Guest said

MMI, there can never be too much figure skating.

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sinuata said

very nice album!

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dressing the debutantes said

so do you think brian eno heard too much olympic music?? i'm digging these tracks and i completely missed the figure skating.

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Breaking Light said

Really really good album. Proof you don't have to be loud to be interesting.

Guest said

MMI, I just listened to your album straight through and I'm impressed! I was transported, not questioning, just floating through the ice caves shimmering.

Guest said

This is great! Well done! Watch more tv!

Guest said


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Wildgeas Music said

Sounds real sweet here. I wouldn't touch a thing. Plus, I think I could skate to it.

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

This is lovely! Extremely emotive tune. I agree with Kirk about the ebow solo.

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kirklynch said

Beautiful! Love that ebow part at the end.

Guest said

Great tune.

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