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One of my better Psych Folk recordings. Intro voice and keyboards by Starry Nightmoth. BG rhythm/drums generated using a Yamaha E313 KB. Lyrics, music and all other instruments and vocals are my fault.


All of life, an epic poem
And each of us a verse
Standing on the stage of life
Yet when do we rehearse?

Fame and fortune comes to some
Yet all shall leave a mark
Some perform beneath the lights
While most within the dark

And when your part comes up
Behold the hosts of heaven
And when you quote your lines
Behold the bread unleavened

And the world’s indeed a stage
But few of us a star
Some may write and some direct
A few shall form the choir

When you’re called to take the stage of life
To perform a line or two
There’ll be no time for leaven bread
The Reaper swiftly comes for you

Waste no time on puffing up your act
What’s on hand had best make do
We haven’t time to leaven bread
The Reaper quickly comes for you

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Andrew Russe said

I find myself wishing I'd been listening more closely when you were with us; as closely as you were listening to us. I feel like you're still listening now. Many thanks x

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Greg Connor said

This might be one of my favorite *Gene Eric Man* songs.

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Greg Connor said

This was the first of Gene's (Ricky) songs I remember listening to. That was back on **

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Greg Connor said

This is the first of Gene's songs I remember listening to. That was 10 to 12 years ago on **.

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ffenglling said

You Rock my dear friend!!♥

Guest said

Lovin it!

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Colleen Dillon said

Amazing lyrics!!!!

Guest said

I love this track, it gets better every time I hear it......

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lux lucis said

I dig this.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said


Guest said

Very cool!

Guest said

Great feel and very cool guitar! Cool words too! Well done!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

I remember this from the old *EZFolk* days. Still good.

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Kid Sloth said

You've got an unique sound sir - very rare to find that. I'm impressed. Keep up the great work.

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adam-son said

Hello Kind Sir. Thanks for finding my page and music and thanks for the comments. Ive had a few listens to your material here, all very well done too. This track is fantastic. Look forwards to hearing more .

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