Nick P

Nick P

from Toronto

About "Like Never Before (with Wildgeas and Bethan)"

A BIG, BIG thank you to Wildgeas who took my simple acoustic guitar song and turned it into a beautiful work of art. Arrangements and Production done magnificently by Paul Lennon (Wildgeas). Also, special thank you to Bethan who put her sweet and soothing backup vocals on the track. I hope you enjoy it. Lyrics are below:

Picked up my bags from Union Station

I couldn’t understand the situation

Though my travels were long and hard

I had to go from the start

I love you, like never, before

Twenty five miles down the road

There’s my babe waiting in the cold

But I’m here to stay no more goodbyes

For only now I’ve realized

I Iove you like never before
I love you like never before

On the beach of Georgian Lake

Your soft humble words kept me awake

We held a vigil you and I

We held each other ‘till morning light

I love you, like never, before

All of heaven fell from the sky

But all the stars glimmered in your eyes

No time to waste we’re getting old

Please allow me to be so bold

I love you like never before

In the morning I’ll see your face

With all its beauty and simple grace

Don’t worry babe, you won’t be alone

I’m here for good right at home

I love you like never before

Song by Nick Plagakis

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