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Whole Lotta Rosie


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More Original song than cover, I think.

A re-imagining of the AC/DC story.

My Rosie is a bolemia sufferer and is in a coma in hospital. The story is told by the concerned partner…

Whole Lotta Rosie

Never met a woman
Never met a woman like you
Never knew a woman
Doin’ all the things you do
It’s a scary story
Now you’re skin and bones
It’s bad to see you lyin’ there
Weighin’ in at barely five stone

‘Cause you’re a whole lotta woman
A whole lotta woman
Whole lotta Rosie…

How did it happen?
When did it all go wrong?
You’re still the only one
Only one to turn me on
But then over time
Your weight began to drop
Should be no surprise, Rosie
My love it never stopped

You’re still a whole lotta woman
A whole lotta woman
A whole lotta Rosie…

Sweet dreams, Babe
I’ll see you soon

This was recorded and finished in mid-Jan 2011

Guest said

Masterful version!

Guest said

Excellent cover nick

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666palerider said

Impressive :-)

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CB Band (Cees Borger Band) said


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beetle said

i like this version better than the original. You have a lot of talent. also thank's for the nice comment.

Guest said


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facemask93 said

hey , great cover,nice guitar work

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vaisvil said


Guest said


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thetworegs said

I've said before this

Guest said

Agree with Regs! GREAT GREAT GREAT.

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thetworegs said

great guitar, great vocal, great track, there, 3 greats must make an excellent.....

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Dirty Spirits said

guitars are superb. nice work.

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