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Cemetery Mary

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Cemetery Mary
tboudreau /cmaiorano

I went out creeping on a Halloween night
Looking for the scream of my life
Not a single soul was sleeping every spook was insight
Even half-dead were alive

There’s a guilty moon hanging in the gallows tonight
The whistling wind blinding my eyes
I see my cemetery Mary she’s my scary delight
I start to feel my spirit rise

And in other news, what appear to be the remains of a young male were found just outside Old Grove Cemetery shortly after midnight. The victim suffered lacerations to the head and neck regions. Authorities say the suspect is still at large. All citizens of Dark Hallow are advised to remain indoors and locked down tight. This is a public service announcement.

I was calm as an embalmer, she sure is dressed to kill-
Makin me surrendered my will-
Cemetery Mary, with that barbed-wired grin
I’ve paid for every one of my sins..

A morticians disposition and that railroad track smile
Selling me the end of the line
Cemetery Mary with your tombstone eyes
wont ya bury me tonight

I hear the wind whispers “Mary”

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Greg Connor said

Great Lyrics!