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The Boogieman

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The Boogieman

I just might be hiding behind your bedroom door
you might find me lying under your bed, down on the floor
You swear you hear the creekin’ coming up the stairs
you got your eye on the peep-hole and nobody’s there…nobody

your sleep will escape you as you lie there wide-awake
your heart is racing, you tremble and you shake
your mouth is dry as a bone there’s just an empty glass
the wind it whispers and it moans and the hours slowly pass

cuz I’m the boogieman
and you know I’m gonna get ya
yeah the boogieman
I never will forget you
I’m the boogieman
you know I’m gonna catch ya
You know i’ll never let ya out of my grip

(your momma always told ya)
don’t be disrespecting elders don’t be sucking on that thumb
a noise down in the cellar has left your senses numb
no bullying on the playground no tacks on teachers chair
no breaking Timmy’s crayons no pulling Sally’s hair

cuz the shadow is a monster that interrupts your sleep
evil thoughts they may wander instead of counting sheep
you’ll never recognize me cuz I never have been seen
I’ll only terrify you whenever you get mean - so don’t be mean

cuz I’m the boogieman
you know I’m gonna find you
yeah the boogieman
I’m right there behind you
he’s the boogieman
what’s that peaking thru the blinds
it’s only a reminder you gotta be cool (kind)

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KCsGroove said

cool work on the keys dig your music KC

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Greg Connor said

This is EXCELLENT !!!

Guest said

funny lyrics, great production. love those keyboards

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The Proods said


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thetworegs said

Great lyrics love the vocal in fact the whole thing is a belter....