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Never Let Christmas End

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Never Let Christmas End
(boudreau 12-05-16)

Well I suppose I owe Santa that beer
From the wager we made last year
It was mid-December, if I correctly remember
Trading some holiday cheer
And we were checking out each other’s lists
I had my thoughts and he shared his
About our busy lives and how sure time flies
He said this thing that stuck in my head

He said
Never let Christmas end, keep the spirit the whole year thru
This is the challenge my friend, that I ask of you

So what if any ol’ day in your year,
Could conjure up such crazy ideas
Like peace on earth or our saviors birth
or a half a dozen flying reindeer
But theres one thing i dont understand
Is how good-will towards our fellow man
Is just a seasonal thing that tends to fade by spring
ya wonder will it come back again

Never let Christmas end, carry it the whole year thru
Offer the helping hand it’ll come back to you
Never let Christmas end, its a simple thing we all can do
Seek out a long-lost friend or make a new…
Never let Christmas end, keep your light shining inside of you
Peace and good will towards man, the whole year thru