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Ghost Train

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we were asked for a Halloween tune, I wrote this but we felt it wasn’t Halloweenie enough - so I re-wrote the lyrics to Jack O’Lantern - same tune, different lyrics - this was the original.

Ghost Train
boudreau 10-03-16

Tell me train conductor
Is this thing heading south?
Guess i’m on the run again maybe from running my own mouth
Can ya tell me how far’s she going?
You know its never far enough
Whenever i catch myself stalling well that whistle keeps calling my bluff

C’mon ticket lady, cant ya see i’m running late
I was cold, dead on the tracks last night, just not feeling so great
So point me in a direction
Keep the change and wish me well
I’ll be crashing in that last car on that next train straight outta hell

Cuz i’ve been riding on this ghost train
For most of my time
I’ve been counting on an old flame, to get me by
Feeling like i lost aim, I’m just rolling down the line
Guess i’m riding this ghost train just one more time

Hello warm train station
Haven’t we met somewhere before?
No, I’m fine with all my bags
Could ya just help with the door?
I sit and stare out this window
And watch it all flashing on by
The lies into miles into tears into years and a half a dozen lives

Cuz i’ve been riding on this ghost train
For most of my life
Standing next to this cold flame, trying to warm my mind
Tired of trying to share the blame, just towing the line
I guess i’m riding this ghost train for the very last time

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KCsGroove said

cool rocker! dig the guitars and vocals KC