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Perfect storm

Tharek Ali Mokbul

Perfect Storm
T.Mokbul 2014

Lover you were more than chance.
Set down roots so deep in romance.
Now with child…..
So they dance…..

Oh Lover won’t you feel the rain?
Lord has sent down ease for our pain
Can you feel?
What was Love?

I see you in the heat of the day…
See you in the dark of the night and pray.
Won’t you feel?
Won’t you Love?

I Love you when you hate me the most.
Best I don’t stay.
I feel so alone.
But I still love you so….

I see you when I close my eyes.
Long shall I try….
Yes I love you…Till I die….

Lady we have made a Life.
Not to waste.
long must we try.
In our name… Oh Lord I know…

Can you feel me now?
Do you hear me calling out so strong?
Summer rain from the perfect storm.

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