The Proods

The Proods

from Boston

About "Baby, We Were Strangers"

Once in a nightmare
I knew you then
I think we were related,
I’m not sure
maybe we were strangers.
We’d look in windows and climb
the trees that grew,
and if it’d rained outside
we’d take off our shoes.
And when I’d see you
I would pretend I was a friend
although I knew…
we were merely strangers.
I couldn’t tell you how I felt then
we took a lot for granted
I guess it doesn’t matter
in the end.
I go to places we use to go
seeing the faces we use to know…
In all my dreams I’m talking to you,
but they don’t come true…
and they WON’T come true.
I said “I miss you, and wish I were dead”
you wouldn’t listen
or you don’t know exactly what I said.
Maybe we were strangers…
maybe we were strangers…
maybe we were strangers…
Baby…we were strangers!

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