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Better Things To Do

The Proods

Another tune about an inappropriate school teacher

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Colleen Dillon said

This reappeared in my email as a new release. What a fun treat to hear it again today. Happy Thanksgiving to the dear Proods!!! Always thankful to have your music in my life.

Radio Roswell said

Drinking rum on an imagined twisted Disney themed ride. nice !

4barrelcarb (4BC) said

Very fun! enjoyed!

Robert Palomo said

Reminds me of the night I was drunk and adrift in a longboat.

thetworegs said

Who would have thought a psychedelic pirate song …. Love it !!

Guest said


Going Up said

Short but sweet!

Greg Connor said

I Love It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is GREAT Fun.

Colleen Dillon said

Awesome pirate harmony!! Love the watery sound effects too!!! Excellent Pirate Fare!!!

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