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A coin tossed…

As usual, served best with headphones

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Norm said

There be me too. "Hey, a coin of all things!"

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Norm said

This is still perfect. One of my favs. I kind of feel sorry for that coin... and other times envious of it.

Guest said

"suntan lotion and perfum"? Cool sounds!

launched's avatar
launched said

Always liked this one.

launched's avatar
launched said

Deep! The monologue was a great touch - I could feel the descent...

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

fun song,, great sound picture!!

Guest said

Agree with Norm. Very cool!

Norm's avatar
Norm said

There is I... (I just love that part) ;)

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

One word - BEAUTIFUL! w;-)

Guest said

very cool man.

Mr Sandbags's avatar
Mr Sandbags said

Oh yeah, liked this a lot.

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate. Great lyrics.