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Fly to Heaven_

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Mid-flight serenity until that moment, you know those moments im talking about…

In-flight samples recorded by me, drums, guitars.

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stoman said

Everything has been said already. Great job! Regards, Steffen

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kirklynch said

Awesome track! Don't know how I missed this one

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Stashbox said

I love how Roger Waters you are!! F'ucking Awesome!

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Johnny Stone said

Great track mate great guitar dig it.

Guest said

good tune to listen to while just chillin'...;>) If only my computer headphones reached my recliner!

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geowesh said

Great stuff! Sounds like an apt soundtrack for a James Lee Burke novel.

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Movement To Contact said

Why did I not hear this yet? Love it.

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

love it, was totally surprised around 3 and a half mins when I heard the travel either commencing or perhaps we were just rounding the final bend.

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Wildgeas Music said

Sweet tempered sound for keeping one's feet on the ground.

Guest said


Guest said

Powerful stuff! Some sweet guitar here too!

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launched said

Brilliant. I love that strum progression at the end when we are on our way to heaven!

Guest said

Yeah, like the time my yoghurt ended up in the vent above and then landed on my mother! Clever piece!

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Rick Phillips said

shades of Pink Floyd, loved it!

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richardlaceves said

i meant to say ABOUT 4:00 min in, im am thinking about your great touch,,, some day i will have to learn how to typeeeeee

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richardlaceves said

very nice ambiance,,, @ abpit 4:00 in im thinking, wow you have a great touch,, well played

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vaisvil said

Nice - I was wondering where you've been!! - and at least your song plays :-)

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another cultural landslide said

So, somebody finally wrote a flying song for me :) Drugs, give me lots of drugs... Excellent track! w;-)

Guest said

Oooh, very awesome!