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a little passing thought


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a small piece to while away the time

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Renegade 91 said

The pipes and the little Latin flourishes in the melody reminds my of Ennio Morocone. Only slightly though because it also sounds very unique :)

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another cultural landslide said

How did I miss this?! Gorgeous! w;-)

Guest said

Great tune... a little passing thought ... goes a long way! great stuff!

Guest said

synthesized? cool piece.

Guest said

Neat and perfectly formed.

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Geir said

Very soothing music. Lovely !!

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Jane Gould said

very nice

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kavin. said

dang your good. Playing guitar and flute at the same time! :)

Guest said

And a lovely way to do so. Emotive, contemplative flavours.

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

said it's bit quietly and made its exit. Very nice.

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vaisvil said

I use pianoteq mostly. Your piece is very beautiful.

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thetworegs said

A little piece that whiled away a beautiful couple of minutes

Guest said

small but pretty..

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Norm said


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