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Daughter Concerto third movement


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Guest said

You're really a great musican Richard! I really love your music and this one is another masterpiece!

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Owen Bourne said

Lovely Richard glad to hear some more orchestral stuff on here. I don't play the piano pieces by the way I'm not even Grade 1 on piano! All computer generated but I hope to get them performed soon. Cheers beautiful music here! Owen

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Keith Landry said

Ah, great arrangement, Richard!

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another cultural landslide said

ANOTHER beauty. You need to be doing soundtrack work! w'-)

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Stunningly beautiful... I wish I listened to these in order now.... You write a real journey bro! A storey I want to hear! The way you condense each section into easily digestible parts is a fine skill! Every change comes at just the right point to my ears.... Love it!

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Elena said

Все композиции повествуют (рассказывают) о чём-то жизненном, важном...

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Max Sipowicz said


Guest said

yes, beautiful! Lovely contemplative feel.

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kirklynch said


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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate great feeling.

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