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Nigerian Symphony (w/ Norm)

Rick Phillips

Fasten your seatbelts, this jeep is going deep into the heart of the jungle! Sound clips cut and pasted against Norm’s Fat Baby Bembe.

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etheric loopz said

Wicked! This is a new horizon for me, like it :]

Reefwalker said

Nice crystal clear samples, dropped in at perfect times. ideal for this percussion track

Guest said

Very cool!!

corbinSound said

I feel trapped in an amazonian magicly tropical universe travelling through different vortexes!

Rick Phillips said

Its like your there!

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Just listened to this on big speakers…


Guest said

surrounded and immersed

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

I missed out big time!!!


I passed through Bauchi State when I went to Abakaliki in Ebonyi state….

The landscape was like something from jurrasic park…. I wish i saw some of those beasties…..

I guess I didn’t stay long enough..

Always next time!

Love the track!

Rick Phillips said

I did some research on Norm’s Bembe beat which has Nigerian roots, then found Yankari National Park in Nigeria which does have rich wildlife resources. The park is an important refuge for over 50 species of mammal including African Bush Elephant, Olive Baboon, Patas Monkey, Tantalus Monkey, Roan Antelope, Western Hartebeest, Lion, African Buffalo, Waterbuck, Bushbuck and Hippopotamus. :)

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

I’ve been to Nigeria…

Never saw any Lions or Tigers there…

But this has got me thinking…

Awesome track!!!!

Guest said

This is great Rick. It’s very REAL!

Guest said

Sounds like we’re back at The Lion King!

Norm said

Ha! Yep, you’re a kid - you probably love going to the zoo - if for nothing else but to capture more sound samples. Don’t ever loose that. Forget the stove.

Rick Phillips said

Where’s the love?!

Guest said

I think you are losing it…you could of done this on a Saturday and got the stove fixed at the same time :)

Guest said

Made me want to eat somebody.

Norm said

Ha! Good one! If I didn’t keep my kids out of the studio while I was recording the conga tracks, it would have sounded a lot like this originally. And I want to go to Brian’s pub.

Brian Bazeley said

Sounds like my pub on a saturday night.

kirklynch said

I had to turn around to make sure there wasn’t a snake behind me!

Guest said


Alister Flint said

ahahah excellent! was meant to happen, i guess..

launched said

Great effects - I was actually there, bro!

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