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The acoustic version in rough of Often hide with part of a song written back when I was putting my mind back together, it goes as a pair with Hammers. Sorry for the glitches, the MAC chirped in a battery warning during the recording, I would avoid head phones.

Guest said

easing my emotional pain x x x thankyou

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jip said

I like it.

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Sandy Gritt said

sweet melody...very enjoyable. I love your voice!

Guest said

Like this one too!

Guest said

There's something very special about this song. I just really like this.

Guest said

I like :)

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one Ross very cool

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justmerritt said

yay ross, i miss you brother how have you been? where are you? this is very peaceful my friend, i could loop it in all my dreams.

Guest said

Neat :)

Guest said

Mournful lovely. Great vocal - wonderful pitch you have.

Guest said

transported into the hall, onlooker from moseley, having a chilllled time right now - nice to hear the crystallisation of this tune dear dRoss ae

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