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I Can't Wait Much Longer (Robin Trower Cover)

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I have loved this song for eons. Any time I’ve found myself in a cover band I’ve tried to get it into the set list but I have never once succeeded.

I’ve never actually recorded a cover before. Prior to buying a Strat I had no desire to, but as soon as I plugged that sucker in I knew this recording was going to happen. I freakin’ love this song.

I should have tuned down a semitone or two. The vocals are in my range, but I have to push pretty hard to get there. This song needs a softer touch than I can give it.

I know Garageband 6 had a Flanger plugin. Garageband 10 does not. I had to find a free one online and then learn how to install it so that I could get the flange onto the cymbals. Worth it.

All of this but the vocals was recorded on my iPad. I used the Jimi Hendrix Amplitube app for all of the guitars. I hope Mr Trower approves.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

Was well worth the effort.. thoroughly enjoyed that n didnt know the song