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Welcome to December Music. This is my 11th straight month of doing an album in a month project. I’m quite a bit behind the previous months’ pace, but I’m starting to make good progress now.

I think I like this one because it was actually written on guitar instead of on a keyboard. I’m messing with overdrive pedals, trying to find a new sound that makes me happy. I like the rhythm sound here, though it’s a tad toppy. It doesn’t work well for leads though, so I went to an old standby for most of this.

There’s another twist to this months project. I actually wrote lyrics first. Not a lot, just a handful of random couplets. I used one of them here.

The rhythm guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Custom that I think is getting to the point where if the frets aren’t replaced it’s going to be unplayable. Shit. The chain is a Dunlop Crybaby wah into a Klon KTR overdrive pedal into a Keeley Super Phat Mod overdrive pedal into both a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The leads are the Les Paul into a Wren and Cuff Tri Pi 70 fuzz pedal into the KTR and the same two amps. The second solo is the same chain as the rhythm with a rotating speaker sim added in the mix.

Verse 1
cover your head and hope that they’re never coming for you
there’s a chance that it’s nothing
but you never know, you never know

Verse 2
There’s no way out for you there’s no way that you can escape
at the end in the darkness
you can never know, you never know

Head to toe in darkness like a ghost in the night

One look
One look at it

Middle 8
Covered up in nothing
nothing left to say
covered up in nothing
nothing left to do