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This is a surprise. It was literally a throw away and here I am putting it second on the December playlist. I needed 10 songs and I only had nine so I setup a funky little drum loop, put crap loads of delay on my guitar and just started playing. I wasn’t counting measures or anything so when I changed from a hypothetical A section to a hypothetical B section I didn’t have any idea how long to play or how long I had already played or how long I had to play when I switched back from B to A. Also, when I switched back briefly from A back to B I couldn’t remember what I played, so the last eight bars became a C section. Fascinating,

I changed the drums for each section and added the bass, also more or less live all the way through the song, afterward. I kind of like the melody, especially in the B section, and for the leads I brought out tons of delay again but I set the subdivision differently so it wouldn’t really line up with the rhythm part.

There’s something about going from Eminor to Cmajor in the beginning that makes me think Pink Floyd a little. Did they do something similar on Animals somewhere? I can’t pin it down.

The rhythm guitar is my Gibson Les Paul Custom into a Mooer e-Lady, a Klon KTR, a Wampler Faux Tape Echo, and both a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The lead is the same guitar and amps but the pedal chain is a Dunlop Crybaby, an MXR Uni-Vibe, the Klon and the Faux Tape Echo again.

Hear that voice
Hear it clearly

Make the choice
Make it simply

fear destroys
so completely

Breakthrough could be coming
Feel it right around the bend
It could turn into something
that could set you on your way

No time like the future
one look and you see it all
Take time to find the answer
you had with you all along