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Usually when I do an album in a month thingie the first idea that comes to me ends up being the best song. Not this time. This song is the first of the month and I’d give it an “eh” at best. King Crimson fans might get a giggle of pity out of my very much intentional lifting of a little bit of Starless. You’re welcome. Also, the downside of writing the lyrics off mic is that you might end up rhyming ours with hours and not catching it until you’ve already finished singing it. File under: Ooops.

The guitars are all Gibson Les Paul Custom through both a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The pedal chain for the rhythm tracks is a Klon KTR into a Keeley Super Phat mod. The leads are the Klon into a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter and a little Donner Yellow Fall for some slap back.

B - E - J
Count the days
its ending soon
There could be some changes coming

C - G
We have the chance to start again
A second change to get it right
we see it to the end and then
a better way is in our sights

D - I
The choice is ours
The final hours
we’ve come so far
We’ve come so far