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The Flat Earth Rebuttal

Three times over the last three months I have found myself faced with someone who honestly believes the Earth is flat. Not like in a joking way, but in a full on don’t-believe-the-conspiracy way. It’s an insult to the intelligence of every human being who isn’t that much of an idiot… and it’s come up three times with three different groups of people.

It has also become the lyrical theme for a lot of this year’s RPM Challenge.

This is one of a pair of songs that is supposed to represent an argument between a flat Earth shit for brains and a rational, normal person. This particular song is the rational person’s response to the idiot’s argument, hence the title.

The guitars are all ES-335, just like all of the electric guitars this year. I have decided to go sans-solid body guitars across the board. Just the 335 and an acoustic when necessary.


You’re so small
You can’t see it all
You’re so small
You can’t take the fall

Earth so big
You can’t comprehend
Earth so big
You can’t see the end

Verse 1:

You say that you can see
far enough away
You think you’re big enough
To see all the way

Verse 2:

You think you’re high enough
You should see the curve
You climb the highest high
still you can’t observe


You’re wrong
So wrong

Wah Bridge:

So Small

Quiet Section:

How can you
Look at the world
Through the eyes
of such backward minds

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