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The Inevitable Breakdown

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Ummm… yeah.

If this were the kind of project where I dropped the bad songs, I think this would be on the drop list. The melody is actually okay. The lyrics aren’t my worst. The music is just kinda blah. I did use some woman tone in the guitar solo though. There’s also a groovy panning thing. The guitar solo in the middle of the song is two guitars. They overlap as the first guitar stops and the second starts. At that point the first guitar pans off to one side and the second pans into the middle from the other side.

Other than that… there’s not much here.

All of the guitars are a Gibson ES-335 into a Ryra the Klone pedal into a Keeley Super Phat Mod pedal into a Fender Bassbreaker 15.

its time now to stop all this
can no longer take the risk
When we stand the world will shake
its time now to come awake

Verse 1
How can we live with ourselves now
we are the cause of this fall out
with the inevitable break down
this is the end game come for us

Verse 2
still can’t believe it’s gone this bad
its like the whole world has been had
a victim of this insane fad
we are all neck deep in it now