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Dry Your Eyes

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2022 RPM Challenge song number 18.

I still have two more songs to mix but as of right now this is hands down my favorite of the batch (spoiler alert, I think I might be saying that about the two songs that are left as well). Usually when I write a riff that swings a little I end up with crap that’s fun to play but terrible to listen to. Not today. I even like the fruity Partridge Family thing near the end. I really like this one.

The mix was done before work on the last day of RPM, which happens to be a Monday, hooray. I can’t seem to get anything to sit the way I want it to. It’s close, but this is definitely a candidate for a remix. I think I also want to use a different drummer. I used this one (Ian, for all of you GarageBand folks) for the whole project and I am pretty happy with that choice, but I don’t think this one knows how to fill over a swing groove. They are all super sparse and they all get quieter. Weird.

The lead guitar and the rhythm guitars in your left speaker are a Les Paul Standard. The rhythm guitars in your right speaker are an SG. All of them went through a Bassbreaker 15. Pedal for the clean rhythm are an Earthquaker Devices The Depths into a Klon KTR. The dirty rhythm and the leads are the Klon into a Keeley D&M Drive.

I stand apart from it, I’ll never understand
why can’t I work it out, it never goes as planned

Verse 1
however you try
you’ll have to guess why
we’re just getting by

whatever you do
it comes back to you
so just see it through

Verse 2
I let it slip past
was moving so fast
my foot on the gas

it wasn’t quite fun
but now that it’s done
don’t hurt anyone

Don’t ask me why
just go outside
its running dry
I’m mystified

Other outro
you’ll smile
in a while
please dry your eyes

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wakyct said

Rockin feel to this one.