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Careful What You Think

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The first song worked on and the first song finished. The 2022 RPM Challenge is well underway!

I had a few gimmicky ideas for this year’s challenge and this song hits on some of them. First, I wanted to get away from the small room reverb I usually use and go with something a little longer. This one uses a big room reverb everywhere. Big is bigger than small, right?

Gimmick number two (maybe theme is a better word?) for this year is to mess with time and tempo. GarageBand doesn’t actually support time signature changes but if you do the math right you can make it work. This doesn’t have a time change but it does have a tempo change.

Theme number three (naw, gimmick is the better word) is to use two guitars. I almost always double track my rhythm guitar parts and pan them hard left and right. I plan to keep doing that, but to use a different guitar on each track. Here we hear my Les Paul Standard panned hard left and my SG Standard panned hard right. Nothing too special, but kinda neat.

Speaking of guitar gear, as mentioned there is a Les Paul Standard and an SG on the rhythm tracks. The lead is the Les Paul. The amp on all tracks is a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The pedals on the rhythm are an Earthquaker Devices The Depths into a Ryra The Klone. The lead is a Real McCoy Custom RMC10 wah pedal into the Ryra into a Keeley D&M Drive (just the Dan side).

Careful what you think
could be they’re listening how could you know
you’re the missing link
caught you just in time for the show

Verse 1 and 3
They see what’s happening
the how and why
there from the beginning
they create the lie

Verse 2
Until your final breath
they’re always there
you’re way out of your depth
they’re everywhere

I don’t like the look of this
not at all
Not the sort of thing you miss
It’s time for a fall

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Andrew Russe said

Cool song too.

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Andrew Russe said

Wooo yeah, liking the two gimmicks - I think it's the different guitars for tracking the rhythm makes the biggest difference, but I'm useless at picking and evaluating reverbs... so it could be that? Anyway, bigger, more spacious sound. And it leaves a better space for the vocal to sit in. Love that lead.