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2022 RPM Challenge song number 17.

Now we’re talking. I like this one a lot. My self criticism are valid, the melody in the verse is too la di da sing songy, and I shouldn’t have used a Big Muff fuzz pedal on the rhythm tracks (too much bass) or I should have rolled off the low end during the mix (EQ on a guitar track? Bite your tongue!). I also probably should have had the gigantic big dumb metal mosh pit section at the end go straight into the vocal and skip the solo.

Other than that I am happy with this. There are a ton of mediocre songs in this year’s RPM collection. It’s nice to stumble onto a winner.

The rhythm guitar in your left speaker is a Les Paul Standard. In your right is an SG. The lead is the Les Paul. All of the tracks were through a Bassbreaker 15. Pedals for the rhythm parts were a Ryra The Klone into a Wren and Cuff Super Russian. It did not invade Ukraine like those other pricks. The lead kept up the fuzz pedal trend with a Fuzz Face Mini into a Klon KTR.

These games that we play
these games we play that keep slipping away
These words that we say
these words we say that keep going astray

Verse 1
Each time I look away
I think that something’s there
I try to make it out
I always miss it by a hair

Verse 2
Its playing tricks on me
Its messing with my brain
and when I get a chance
I’m gonna try to do the same

the mirror view
stares back at you
lets take a look
at what its trying to see
No questioning
unspoken things
what can you do