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I'm Never Sure What I Should Do

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2022 RPM Challenge song number 19.

Go to the head of the class, dude. I said that song #18 was the best song of the bunch but now here is song #19 taking the title and squashing 18 like the proverbial grape.

In other words, I really like this song. I’m not so sure about the mix as we’re getting down to the last minute in February (it’s 8:49pm) and I still have another song to mix and then pick which songs make the cut (this one makes the cut, easily), and then come up with a running order and yadda yadda you folks don’t care.

The only thing I don’t like about this song is that I didn’t record it with a band playing live at about 180 decibels. It’s a two minute long pop-rock song in 7/8 time and it has a drum solo and I think it’s all good.

The rhythm guitar in your right speaker is a Gibson SG. The lead and the rhythm on the left are a Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s. They all went through a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The pedals on the rhythm tracks were an Earthquaker Devices The Depths into a Klon KTR. The lead was the Klon into a Keeley D&M Drive.

I’m never sure what I should do
if only I could see it through
Out of true

Verse 1
I couldn’t see
it mattered to you
the consequence
in my defence
what else could I do

Verse 2
occurs to me
its not for free
so what can I say
overused trope
can’t seem to cope
there’s no other way