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This song was originally meant to be played on piano, but being a bad pianist I switched it to guitar. Being a glutton for punishment though meant I switched it to 12-string. I had a bear of a time getting the part right, and then doubling everything made it twice as bad (math, kids). The end result is a song that I almost don’t hate. That’s pretty good. Formerly known as RPM 2014 #10.

its cold outside
no relief in site
hopless griping
under blanket white

worlds collide
in the frozen night
its cold outside
it cant be right

snowing now
it will never end
darkness looming
no use to pretend

when its over
nothing to defend
in defeat
you cant buy a friend

please dont give up now
it wont make sense anyhow
stay for one more day
what do you have to lose anyway

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