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Dark Times are Coming

Robert James

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My post-RPM Challenge plan is to just keep going. Here’s my first March 2020 Challenge song.

I am trying to go much more raw and low-fi than usual. One guitar straight into one amp. No doubling, not extensive overdubs. Same with the vocals, no doubling and even minimal harmonies (that’s going to be a tough rule for me to stick to).

This is the first idea I came up with and I was really liking it for a while there. Once I added the vocal though it went way down in my book, then when I added the lead guitar it dropped to rock bottom. I’m not happy with it anymore. I still like the riff though. I might re-do it in April… assuming society doesn’t collapse due to COVID-19.

Les Paul straight into Bassbreaker 15.

We’ve got to hide out now
we’ve got to bury ourselves away
we’ve got to close up ranks
we’ve got to save it for another day

So do you want to cry
about the things that they took away
or do you want to try
to keep them safe just like they say

Dark times are coming our way
coming our way

we cannot ignore this
we cannot stay still
we are gonna take a stand
we can rise to meet it
we’rer a force of will
our finest time is at hand

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