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We’re Never Gonna Find Our Way Out of This

Robert James

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This one is all gimmick but I like it. I think it has album track one potential, but I’m not sure yet.

The last few projects I’ve done have seen me writing melodies out on a keyboard, then writing lyrics to fit the melody, then recording the vocal tracks. Unfortunately I don’t know my voice that well in terms of how it lines up on the keyboard. That means I often write melodies that are ever so slightly out of my range. I don’t think I did that on this song, but I did the other thing I screw up when I write melodies before I sing them. I sometimes forget to take breathing into account. I had to split the eight bar chorus into two four bar chunks because I couldn’t sing the whole thing without asphyxiating.

Rhythm guitars are SG, leads are Les Paul, both use a Keeley D&M Drive into a Fender Bassbreaker 15.

if you were wondering how
to guarantee it falls apart
the thing that you should avoid
is anyone whose smart

its very simple you know
don’t let your leaders use their brains
just let them ramble like fools
and flush them down the drain

take a look around
it’s all come crashing down
we’re never gonna find our way out of all this
There’s not a single brain
we should all be ashamed
we’re never gonna find our way out of this

if you were looking for ways
to care what they all have to say
the best advice I can share
don’t trust them anywhere

and when their planning won’t play
there’s got to be a better way
the explaination you find
is they have lost their minds

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Andrew Russe said

The notes about the chorus made me laugh. Yes - I tried singing along, I couldn't even manage the two halves! I'd have given up and used two tracks, two voices, singing alternate lines. That would work - even if you make it obvious it would still work for the listener. And it's an excellent melody.

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Andrew Russe said

Nearly missed this one. Glad I didn't, it's mighty cool.

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