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My Woman Blues

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A re-visit to a song wrote in 2008. A simple song, in my subconscious I think someone like the great Hank Williams was having a poke about. And no, I don’t compere myself to him or other greats from the past. I’m just me !!!!

Guest said

Campfire classic!

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Awesome vocals and music D DOG.

The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co's avatar
The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Quirky little country number, great listen :)

Roger M. Harris's avatar
Roger M. Harris said

Just a little tweek on the mix

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Beautiful . . . It just keeps rolling along. I think I heard a little harmonica in there.

Guest said

cool tune. could use some blues harp in there but fine as is.