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A Hoochie Coochie Cutie

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We all know that great gal…..don’t touch or you’ll get your fingers burnt….or worse still, your good lady hears of it !!!!

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

World class Rock and Roll! I gotta do this one again :) Saved and Faved.

Guest said

Very enjoyable listen, loved the solo.

Guest said

Great easy groove!

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richardlaceves said

aaaaah,, will we guys ever learn? of course not, and then again who wants to anyway? nice

Guest said

Cool music and song! Love the tempo!

jip's avatar
jip said

Nice sound man! Like it.

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JR James said

Oooh like the janglin chords! I am thinking a lil Spirit in the sky with this groove.

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yes, a nice bit of boogie... And I'm with slkrell on the "from state of misery" hook.

Guest said

Great Tag line "from the State of Misery Faved

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Greg Connor said

They may be trouble but we still chase them! I haven't caught one yet, but I still keep trying. Good song my friend.

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FDR said

Nice one Rog!