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I elected to pursue my theme for RPM 2010 even though, ultimately, I decided not to take part.

So I’m going at my own pace, not trying to produce “finished” works, or to be governed by anything except my experimental muse.

The theme I chose was around granulation and “Dissolving Into Noise: I” is a beginning both in form & technique. As such it is rather gross.

It was sequenced in Ableton Live and made extensive use of follow actions and MIDI routing. Four instances of Camel Audio alchemy play a range of choir samples organised into Oo’s, Ee’s, Ah’s, and Eh’s sung by a female choir.

These are processed by Abynth, principally via it’s Aetheriser granular effect, where very little of the dry signal is passed through.

The final processing is done in Reaktor using TheFinger ensemble driven by arpeggiated MIDI sequences.

It’s a rather mindless approach but it lets me focus on understanding the performance of the granular effect. The next step will be configuring and controlling that with more precision.

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b3nny said

this is some good stuff

Guest said

JOe claRk can bite me.

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Johnny Stone said

Very cool mate very cool.

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igor said

…too noiszzzy for me, though.

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ghst said

an absolutely great way to utilize a vocal pad, or is that a sample…wait a real voice recording, i cant tell anymore.

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yelyah said

Very out there man!

I’d love to see a walkthrough of your setup some time.

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kavin. said


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haha. I can speak like YOda, the sage.

Guest said

how cool this is.