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Edward Lear. Ring Modulation. No, I don't know why either.
It's been so long since I've made any music I've kind of forgotten how. I was just noodling about and thought I had a sound I liked so I bounced it out quite quickly. This one is all made with Reaktor and Boscomac's Air Piano ensemble, plus…read more
A violin sample used as an impulse response for a convolution reverb to which various filtered noise is fed. Just playing with the technique.
Some old cylinder-days orchestral sounds resampled, chopped, and effected. Put me in mind of clowns.
No rhyme, no reason, just a colony of mournful machines piping their clangorous, grinding sonorisms at each other across an barren electronic landscape. This will also be some of the source material that I will process later into something…read more
Always on the threshold, always buzzing, get out of my head, get out get out
A disquieting state that grows from a seed until it consumes you. A piece made in Live & Amadeus Pro with Reaktor, Pro-C, and Vintage Warmer.
A demo track for a new Reaktor instrument I'm building codename: Mimetron. Loop Guitar 1 is a long, flowing, ambient piece. Mellow with a few moments of grit. Mimetron…read more
Today I decided I would play with the lovely (and free) [Pocket Blakus](http://blakus.com/pocketblakus-192) solo cello. At first I tried arpeggiating some chords but this didn't work so well with this cello which has a long, heavy, sound that…read more
The product of yesterdays experiments with Metasynth. I took a few seconds of a Debussy piano piece and imported them into Metasynths spectrum synth where I turned them into a groove which I then filtered in the Filter room. I imported this…read more
An arrangement of chords, arpeggiated, and lightly drizzled with effects.
This is the first track made with my new Reaktor instrument 'Super Scanoid' which might just have well been named '1950s Sci-Fi Soundtrack Generator". The sounds it makes with this sample (a bouncy pizzicato cello) reminded me of the score from…read more
I'm playing with making short animated movies (about 1 minute long at the moment) using ArtMatic and Studio Artist. This is a track composed to go with one of those movies. It uses an original violin sample from Markus Czwiertnia.
A lone piano note - middle C - deconstructed with Reaktor/Tukuramu and then reconstructed with MetaSynth.
Another in my "music for drones" series. This one started life as an "off cut" piano phrase imported into my Tukuramu Reaktor instrument and "played live" as I altered the pattern, grain length & density, filter cutoff, and delay feedback & resonance…read more
I got stuck on a silly little musical phrase, noodling around with it on the piano, unable to let go of it and unable to really develop it into something more. I recorded myself playing a number of variations as I searched in vain for a deeper…read more
Made with the Boité Diabolique playing some piano and cello samples. I did a bit of hand editing in Live and then added some light compression, reverb, and limiting.
Once again the source material is a snippet of beautiful piano from [Sudara](http://alonetone.com/sudara) only this time I fed it to a new Reaktor instrument that I am working on call Tukuramu. Okay so tukuramu does not mean earth-quake but…read more
I was working on a piano phrase played by Alonetone supremo [Sudara](http://alonetone.com/sudara) (about which, more later). One of the approaches I took was to load the phrase into the Time Freezer instrument and play it. I kind of got lost…read more
With my deepest apologies to Chopin... This is a very simple experiment in re-synthesis using the MetaSynth 5.3 ImageSynth. I took Chopin's Nocturn No. 1 in B-Flat Minor and converted it into a spectrogram which was then used to re-synthesize…read more
I'm trying to experiment with intentionally combining two different sounds. Since I seem to find this difficult I am starting with using a drone as one of the sounds taking my inspiration from the opening tracks of the Brian Eno & Jah Wobble collaboration…read more
A quick evenings experiment using granular re-synthesis of two samples some delay and reverb.
2nd in my series of granular/glitch piano creations. This time I am trying out a new instrument called Cumulus with a sample from SoundIron Emotional Piano. I setup the scene points and let the internal sequencer run, then put it through Audio…read more
First demo of the finished Novaphone 340 Grand instrument (v1.0.4) including some of the sample content that will be released with the final instrument. In this case I used 5 samples of a Reaktor based drone generator by [nofi](http://soundcloud…read more
The poem by Tennyson. Recording made with the Amberola.
Something I've been listening to this morning on repeat so I thought I would record and share it. At heart it's two instances of the Morpheus metallophone instrument layered together with some nice verb and a bit of compression. One of the…read more
A micro-tonal piece made using one instance of the Novaphone 340 ("Imperial") playing 3 piano samples from SoundIron's "Emotional Piano 2.0". The samples were sequenced using a MIDI keyboard using the Novaphone Micro-8 scale (1/8 semitone per…read more
Another one from my ambient crackpot series. This features two instances of my new instrument the Novaphone 340 Imperial. A grand name for a grand instrument (Xylo just didn't do it justice). The first Novaphone is playing three samples…read more
The title came to me as I was listening to the track and was reminded of looking through [Savage's](http://alonetone.com/sistersavage) telescope at a starry sky and us being completely unable to figure out how to get it aligned :) The title itself…read more
This is the first piece made with a Reaktor instrument I built today that I have called "Xylo". Xylo is a sampler that plays a region of the sample back and forth with a 10s release time. Each note defines a region of a different length (but…read more
This started with a couple of samples in a new version of Boite Diabolique where the samplers slide over them at different rates and varying granular density. I recorded some of that as I varied the rates and then brought the recording into Live…read more
This isn't a track per se. I made a video of progress with an instrument and this is the soundtrack. It's something of a mishmash of strange noises. That will come as little to surprise regular listeners. The instrument is an evolution of my…read more
Made from a sample of a clock ticking and chiming the hour.
Another experiment with MetaSynth this time taking a single bowed waterphone sample and running it through the Spectrum Synth. I then experimented with the tempo (spectral timestretching), interpolation settings, and applying formant filters to…read more
This is the first real "thing" I've created using [MetaSynth](http://www.uisoftware.com/MetaSynth/index.php) as I go through the extensive tutorials. This was the result of (somewhat haphazardly) drawing & sculpting pixels in the ImageSynth and…read more
Ghosts do not speak.
This is the first demo [Sister Savage](http://alonetone.com/sistersavage) and I have made for our RPM 2011 album. Although I've uploaded a copy here we'd be really grateful if you would listen to the [version uploaded by Sister](http://alonetone…read more
An experiment with granular "freezing" in Boîte Diaboliqué this time using a few seconds of guitar from [MMI](http://alonetone.com/mmi). Using granular synthesis it is very hard to get a real "freeze" effect although by using very high grain…read more
My 100th upload to Alonetone! I played a pretty random arpeggio which I arranged into 3 versions of medium notes, long notes, and short notes followed by a gap. I cloned these version and transposed them up and down one octave respectively…read more
You know who you are :) 3rd outing for Le Boîte Diaboliqué. Accompanied by Timeless 2, Augustus Loop, and Valhalla Shimmer. Samples used: * ["Swiss balcony" from Freesound](http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=59723…read more
A second outing for my new Reaktor ensemble codenamed "BD". This time I used only once instance of the ensemble but noodled around through a series of samples allowing the guided-randomators to vary the speed, grain density, and grain length…read more
This is the first outing of a new granular re-synthesis based Reaktor ensemble I am working on codenamed "BD". The track is generated by 4 instances of the ensemble (playing different samples), panned by CamelSpace, with lashings of Valhalla…read more
This track was my attempted submission for Ramen Music #001. I finally got around to uploading it here. It was made using several instances of the Max for Live instrument "Loop Shifter" that I played in real-time using my Novation Launchpad…read more
Felt the need to go back to something more sound driven. I've been learning a lot of new Jazz chords and wondered what they might sound like as pads. I ended up creating a device chain in Ableton Live featuring Alchemy, Omnisphere, and Absynth…read more
An experiment in using [Photosounder](http://photosounder.com/) which is a spectral editing tool. This track started as a sharp tin can hit which I turned into a droning gong. But I had no idea where to go next. So I started rifling through…read more
Okay this is one for the serious noise freaks only. This is three instances of Loop Shifter that I played in real time using my Novation Launchpad. Turns out the launchpad makes a great keyboard for loop shifter, better than a real keyboard…
Still playing with my _Neurotik_ sequencer made using Max for Live. This one turned out a bit strange. I was actually using it to drive Kontakt with cello & violin patches. It was sort of interesting but not quite working when I dropped CamelSpace…read more
A second demo of my _Neurotik_ sequencer built in Max for Live and emulating the _Neuron Sequencer_ from Audio Damage's latest instrument [Axon](http://www.audiodamage.com/instruments/product.php?pid=AD026). I've fixed up some stuff in the…read more
This is a first test of a sequencer I built, using Max for Live, based on Audio Damage's latest plugin [Axon](http://www.audiodamage.com/instruments/product.php?pid=AD026). Axon looks great but I'm saving for a Mac Pro so, to save money, I…read more
More LoopShifted piano accompanied by Stylus RMX and Omnisphere. At over eight minutes it's perhaps a little self-indulgent but maybe it's more like punting down the river Styx than jet-skiing on a lake of fire.
Here's to insignificance my friend. May you never be squashed like a bug. Instruments used: Kontakt, LoopShifter, Stylus RMX Effects used: Eos, DubStation, Replicant, Augustus Loop
I'm going through something of a dark time at the moment and it's a rare evening I actually have something tangible to show for it. Mostly it's frustration, depression, and a blanket of grey despair. Tonight was different and I can only hope that…read more
Being as I am in something of a musical trough of despair (it's not as much fun as it sounds) right now I thought I'd try messing with my TMA-2 Reaktor instrument and try and coax some better results from it. From a promising beginning TMA…read more
I thought it might be interesting to post the source material I used in the track [IX](http://alonetone.com/sandbags/tracks/ix-2). This is the file generated by my TMA-2 instrument that I processed to make IX. If you're into this sort of noisy…read more
Another in my series of evolving sonic noise experiments. The source for this piece was a recording from my latest Reaktor instrument [TMA-2](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyEEW-tCNL4) with a sample map constructed from [Richard Devines](http…read more
Another slice of Reaktor based weirdness from the particle collider ensemble I am tentatively naming TMA-2. You can't tell from how it sounds I guess but the latest development is that particle energy now governs velocity, i.e. more energetic…read more
This is made with a very experimental Reaktor instrument I am building. It uses a very simple particle collision model with 64 particles in a 100x100 box. When two particles collide they trigger a sampler to play a slice of either of two samples…read more
Okay so here it is, this is the blues piano piece I've been learning since **forever**. Tonight is the first time I've been able to play it through, twice, without making some kind of mistake. That said I had to slow to 80bpm which is too slow…read more
I've been learning this Fats Waller style "stride" blues piece since *forever* but I'm finally getting it. Still have the last two bars to learn but here's a rendition of the part I've learned on an underwater marimba. I was accompanied on bells…
I set myself the challenge of making a track this evening. I've uploaded it with 2 minutes to spare. I started out with a wind chime instrument in Kontakt. I sequenced it using the PX-18 sequencer and then fed three different version of it…read more
Just messing around with voices and Yottskry. Here I am using it in Live and feeding 3 different vocal clips at a time. It's pretty slow getting going but I think it rewards (for some value of 'reward') listening all the way through. I was…read more
I spent 15 hours composing and playing this or, I should rather say, this is the sole product of 15 hours of sitting with Live & my piano. I think there is the kernel of something good in it (and I intend to explore that later) but the 24hr…read more
This was a piece I made with Reichatron back in January and, at the time, didn't upload. I had the odd experience of momentary unfamiliarity, enjoyment, and a sense of "Did I make this?" Listening to it again I enjoy the way it drifts in…read more
The fourth piece in my 'Dissolving into Noise' collection IV was made entirely with my new Reaktor instrument "Yottskry" (see the [demo video](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEjtiTeR8w8) for more info on Yotskry). I used Yotskry standalone…read more
I recently bought the Imperfect Samples [Braunschweig Upright](http://www.imperfectsamples.com/website/samples/braunschweig/braunschweiguprightpiano.php) (Pro) sampled piano for Kontakt after falling in love with the sound of the demos. I have…read more
I wanted to play more directly with noise of various kinds so this piece focuses less on techniques and fancy plugins and more on selection & arrangement of sounds. I spent many hours going through Reaktor ensembles I've downloaded searching…read more
When I uploaded this last night I thought it was a failure, this morning I am not so sure. I've just listened to it again and, while it fails to live up to my expectations when I started, there's something about it that I like. The initial…read more
I elected to pursue my theme for RPM 2010 even though, ultimately, I decided not to take part. So I'm going at my own pace, not trying to produce "finished" works, or to be governed by anything except my experimental muse. The theme I chose…read more
I was trying to tune my radio into a station I picked up, just for an instant, but I found it hard to keep a lock on it, I kept getting strange interferences. From what I could hear it sounded like someone sent [MMI](http://alonetone.com/mmi…read more
Another test of the Reichatron on a flute sample. The signal chain for version 1 of the ensemble is now completely worked out and only some details of the beat mode controls for navigating the loop around the sample remain. This time I employ…read more
So... Reichenbach is now called **Reichatron**. I felt that the new sonic mangling possibilities of the ensemble were reminiscent of a Japanese monster movie than a composer of beautifully intricate harmonies. Here I am playing with a flute…read more
I think I may have gone too far! I've been working on the Reichenbach signal chain to include filtering, distortion, EQ, and a resonator. I've also switched out the delay and gone hog wild with modulation. This piece shows how way out the…read more
A rather more fundamentally experimental piece with Reichenbach's new *drift* mode. In this mode a probability matrix controls periodic changes in the loop length and/or position. Once more I am using one of the awesome [Rekkerd mixed bag](http…read more
Another of [Ronnie's Mixed Bag](http://rekkerd.org/) samples (this one called `120_hollow_01`) and another version of my Reichenbach ensemble for Reaktor. The major difference here is the addition of playback modes and, in this case, the *slicer…read more
Another experiment with Reichenbach, my phase-shited looping ensemble for Reaktor 5. This time I fed it a sample from the [Rekkerd.org](http://rekkerd.org/downloads/) mixed bag selection #2 called `106_sandylines_01.wav`. I let the sample play…read more
This is a short experiment with Version 0.99.9 of my *Reichenbach* phase-shifted looping Reaktor ensemble (try saying that 3 times fast!) I took a 2 second long piano sample and fed it into the loopers which were running at 0.98x, 1.0x, and…read more
This is a track I've been working on for quite a while so I am glad to finally have it out of my head. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with time and its humble functionary, the clock. Ticking, in particular, is something I am ambivalent…read more
This track is a second attempt to put Kavin's beautiful track [Poor Boy](http://alonetone.com/kavin/tracks/poor-boy) through my Steve Reich style phase shifting looper. In the first I had it play through the whole track but I didn't think it…read more
This track is the result of putting Kavin's latest, wonderful, guitar piece [Poor Boy](http://alonetone.com/kavin/tracks/poor-boy) through my Steve Reich style phase shifting looper. I used two loopers here. One playing at normal speed and…read more
This track is the result of putting Kavin's excellent track [Propitiation](http://alonetone.com/kavin/tracks/propitiation) through my Steve Reich style phased looper. It's a beautiful piece but also quite a sparse sound which lead me to think…read more
Sun is shining, the weather is sweet Make you want to move your dancing feet To the rescue, here i am Want you to know, y'all, where i stand
I've been listening to the output of my *Reichenbach* Reaktor ensemble all morning as it loops and phase shifts a recording of Erik Satie's solo piano piece Gnossiennes-1 I find it to be quite beautiful and entrancing and I decided to render…read more
I read about the technique, used by Steve Reich, of playing multiple copies of the same audio at different speed to create phase differences. I decided to do a little experiment and built myself a Reaktor ensemble using 3 granular sampler units…read more
I wanted to make a track for halloween but technology problems and time have conspired that I didn't get very far. However I'm uploading the first couple of minutes of what I have. Have a spooky night!
This is a remix of my earlier track [Metaphysical Beat 2](http://alonetone.com/sandbags/tracks/metaphysical-beat-2). In fact it's the 4th remix but the first one I'm really happy with. I even found myself trying to dance along to this when I…read more
Another in my series of experiments with the Reaktor ensemble Metaphysical Function. I used two instances of Metaphysical Function to generate a soundscape that was bounced to audio, chopped up, and re-arranged. The whole thing was rather…read more
Another in my ongoing series of experiments with the Reaktor instrument 'Metaphysical Function'. This was produced and recorded entirely in Reaktor with the resulting AIFF file converted to MP3 using Fission. In this piece I start with one…read more
Once again an all-Reaktor show this was made in Ableton Live 8 but recorded via Audio Hijack Pro as this was more in the way of a 'live performance' than an arrangement. I had two instances of Reaktor. One with Metaphysical Function and my…read more
Another experiment with the Reaktor ensemble 'Metaphysical Function' this time directly in Reaktor (no DAW) using the recorder box to output direct to AIFF. I spent some time creating my own sample bank for Metaphysical Function and started…read more
Another experiment with the Reaktor ensemble 'Metaphysical Function' only a bit longer this time. Again Reaktor is the only instrument at work here although it's going through a mastering chain including Space Designer with a very short impulse…read more
A little experiment building a sound with the Reaktor ensemble 'Metaphysical Function' which is an awesome sound generating instrument. Reaktor is the only instrument/effect in this track. I built it using Live 8.0.5 which I am also experimenting…read more
I told the [good Sister](http://alonetone.com/sistersavage) that I wanted to try using vocals in a track and she offered to do me some abstract, stylized, vocals that I could play with and this little number is the result. Working with wet (pre…read more
Well now, this is actually a very old track, made back in March '09 and not that long after I started learning piano. I was learning a very simple 12-bar blues piece and getting bored with the piano sound I started messing about with the Logic…read more
One of the things about my [Glitching Satie](http://alonetone.com/sandbags/tracks/glitching-satie-1) track that I wasn't comfortable with was that it wasn't my recording that I was using. But I'm nowhere near good enough to play a piece like Gnossiennes…read more
We're deep in the glitch mines again. This time with a beat developed in Stylus RMX, a "melody" using Soniccouture Skiddaw stones and Tonehammer Frendo, and a bass from Soniccouture Abstrakt Bass. The beat was fed through The Finger with…read more
Glitchatom-1 is the first in a series of experimental pieces where I'm trying to learn about glitching and get more familiar with Reaktor. In this piece I'm using Peter Dines [Frankenloop ensemble](http://kore.noisepages.com/2008/06/20/introducing…read more
Well the votes are in and nobody, who has commented, seems to think I have offended against Satie with this. That's kind of cool because this really is one of my favourite pieces of music and one that I hope, one day, to be able to play myself…read more
I'm uploading this more as a record for me than because I think either of these Destroyed Piano tracks are particularly listenable. In this track I've used the same pattern as before but varied the probabilities of the various notes to try and…read more
A piece of experimental whimsy. I took a nice piano loop from the Logic library and utterly destroyed it with The Finger. What's interesting about this to me is that I was not playing the MIDI driving The Finger but using Elysium to do so. Here…read more
Yesterday I bought a very lovely sample set from Soniccouture called [The Skiddaw Stones](http://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/p4-the-skiddaw-stones/). ![skiddaw stones ](http://www.soniccouture.com/images/library/img-20090817145403.jpg…read more
This is my second experiment with "song form". In this case I tried out probably the simplest form: "IABABCABE" where I - intro, A - verse, B - chorus, C - break, E - end. Although I'm not sure if the verse is supposed to build into the…read more
This is one track where I can say, without reservation, that I am really happy with how it came out. I worked up a beat I liked with 3 Stylus RMX parts making good use of chaos and time designer for the breaks. For the first time I really…read more
I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this one. I enjoyed making the beats and think that part came out pretty good but everything after that felt rather haphazard and didn't feel right to me. I was close to abandoning the track…read more
Okay I need to say a few things. Please read before listening! I did not do the 24 hour challenge but I did try and hang around in the chatroom as much as possible with Glu, SisterS, and ChrisM while they battled through it. At about midnight…read more
This is quite an old track that got abandoned because I didn't feel it was right or going anywhere. But listening to it in iTunes this morning I thought it passed muster. I don't think it has enough variation to justify it's length but it's gently…read more
So this track was purely for the fun of it. I was messing about in Omnisphere and came across this wonderful sound that reminded me of the guild highliners in Dune. I built a beat around in using Stylus, Ricochet, and Dubstation. Then added more…read more
This one almost got abandoned, I didn't seem to be getting anywhere with it. It started as I was looking for a sound for another track (which really isn't getting anywhere) and I came across a chime sound that I thought would be lovely with a…read more
Increasingly I think the music I am making is less about sound design and more about expressing some of the things inside of me that want out. I guess I may be starting to know what I want. This one started with a beat (using Stylus RMX to…read more
I'm learning to play piano and my teacher has given me 'Old Joe Clarkes Boogie' to play. For 2 weeks it has kicked my ass. But I'm getting to grips with it now and this is my revenge! The musical parts were recording using my Kurzweil SP3X…read more
Honestly I have no idea where this came from or how. I was messing with Omnisphere patches and came across a lovely, flutey, breathy sound that put me in mind of the scenes inside the monolith at the end of 2001. I setup a Rytme pattern to…read more
"So I imagine that the Theocrat of Pan Tang (after a hard day of summoning awesome horrors from other planes to do his bidding) drops in to the gardens of pain to catch some of the Hwamgaarl Cabaret." Tonight's performance features the Bechstein…read more
Space Trumpet was an excuse to try out my new plugin "Little Spacey" from Expert Sleepers and also to exercise the Kore sounds from Acoustic Refractions. MIDI was supplied via IAC from Reaktor using Lazyfish's Spiral sequencer. The project…read more
Logic's noise gate and vocal transformer are my new best friends. I really enjoyed messing with them and thought I'd have another go. I've always quite liked pulsing ambient and it seemed to come naturally. This time we have Rytme playing Kore…read more
After yesterdays experiment with noise gates and vocal transformers I thought I'd have another go using Rytme as the source material. A single Rytme track with multiple playheads is playing into a Logic channel containing Kore playing the Absynth…read more
Warning: silliness ahead! alloy (along with this months issue of MusicTech) got me into the creative possibility of gate and pitch shifting effects so I spent a happy morning playing with Logic's noise…read more
Another build of Rytme, another experiment. This time the major change is that Rytme now provides a deep level of control over rhythm density which I use here to layer the more ghostly piano over the Liquid piano (both are Logic presets). I use…read more
I thought I would try a slower piece so Rytme is running at 90BPM and I have introduced a density function that allows me to create sparser pieces. MIDI from Rytme is going to a single track in Logic hosting Kontakt 3 with the Soniccouture…read more
A second experiment with my new Rytme sequencer. This time Rytme is being fed into Logic to a track containing Kore 2 which is, in turn, hosting Kontakt 3 and the lovely Guzheng from Soniccouture (I bought the instrument before the new year but…read more
So one too many coffee's and I have insomnia, I decided to mess about with my prototype sequencer Rytme and one of the Logic piano presets (Piano Motion). I came up with this piece (in the key of A Major) which is rather repetitive (a quality…read more
Okay so I enjoyed doing Glubotism1 enough that I thought I'd take a second crack at it. Same tools but took a different approach to how I used Stylus RMX and I introduced some of it's built-in effects on some of the parts. Also I bused RMX and…read more
So, in http://alonetone.com/mmi/tracks/8853, MMI offers us his take on a Glubot beat. I gently seasoned it with Replicant and then added 6 whacking great slices of Stylus RMX to came up with this...
So I got Stylus RMX and this was my first attempt to use it multi-timbrally in Logic. It was accompanied by Elysium playing Omnisphere and me playing Reaktor on the keyboard. I still have no idea how to come up with bass lines so this was me playing…read more
MMI gave me one of his loops to play with (maybe he'll upload the original loop for comparison). Anyway this is my first real attempt at using a loop so I butchered it pretty liberally. Let me know what you…
This started from the idea of the sample which comes from a very old (deleted) audio book of the Wind in the Willows. The problem was that I had no idea what to do after laying down the beat, bass, and sample. I ended up dumping a crappy hand…read more
I needed 2m02 to finish the album. I was completely spent and without a drop of creative juice left. Just noodling with an Omnisphere patch when one of my cats, Mississippi, jumped on my keyboard and proceeded to walk up and down and sit on various…read more
Was this the crappy, overlong, attempt at an ambient track that I did to try and fill time?
A very dull title, I guess my hopes for this track are not high :)
Oh wait, I think this may be the crappy ambient track.
Everything was getting to complex and messy so I tried to go back to layering more simple patterns with this one.
I liked the sound of this one but I don't know if it works as a track.
The first track I built, back when I was still full of hope for this exercise. I'm not convinced the hope survived it :)
As much as anything this was practice for me in setting up Logic to record three separate instruments in 3 tracks. In this case I used the EXS synth with upright bass, fireball decay, and Tibetan singing bowls. It's almost my first real attempt…
I'm not quite sure where I was going with this. I love the Abaska Bong sound and was trying to pair it with something complementary. After going through some truly weird combinations I came up with this.
A single layer experimental composition using Elysium 0.7.7 playing the Kore 2 instrument 'Abaska Bong' through the 'Hello Repeat' effect from the Kore 2 factory library. In this track both the tempo and the pulse rate of the generators are…read more
Just noodling about with a variation on one of Mark Burtons demonstration pieces for the reacTogon.
A jarring Elysium composition, structurally similar to Komposition-1 but using the Kore 2 instruments "Boesen Buddy" and "Trembling strings" played simultaneously. I think I was also using an osciallator to control note velocity. I need more flexibility…
This is a very simple composition using two Elysium generators with an oscillator controlling the pulse count of the first and the offset of the second. Elysium is playing Kore 2's "Abendstern" instrument through a multi-compressor effect called…