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Slow Labour of Machines

Mr Sandbags

This started with a couple of samples in a new version of Boite Diabolique where the samplers slide over them at different rates and varying granular density. I recorded some of that as I varied the rates and then brought the recording into Live where I added some choir swells that I panned and chopped up. I’m not so sure about those this morning but what the heck.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

wow. thats such an intense experience. mindblowing through the headphones

Wildgeas Music said

I’m vibrating…..

Guest said


Mr Sandbags said

@Sis: Have to be careful of things swooping on you strangely :)

Guest said

Very atmospheric, strangely swooping and ethereal for the thickness.

Mr Sandbags said

@MMI: Boite Diabolique seems to be quite good at creating those kind of movements. It just seems to naturally fall out of working with it. In fact it might be difficult to avoid them :)

Mr Sandbags said

I really like choirs and wanted to add something to this track but originally what I had in mind was a low, held, choral “rumble” to add something organic but ominous.

But I couldn’t make that work and ended up with these chopped swells drifting in and out instead. Not the same effect at all.

Mr Sandbags said

@MTC: lol… thank you

Cave Street said

That choir chant coming in and out definitely makes this more psychedelic and somewhat disorienting… Nice textures & space.

Movement To Contact said

Other then the choir, it reminds me of a windy night up in a canyon. Well…a little more ominious….so maybe spending a windy night in a canyon with no fire or flashlight, surrounded by wolves, and your sitting on a box of meat…alone in the dark……something like that….

In short i really like it.

mmi said

Very cool. Really like the way the sound changes almost as though we moving through a space. Sometimes oppressive and closed, sometimes open, always dark. And that choir following us around like a full moon on those long night drives…

kavin. said

Reminds me of my days working in the Denebian trilithium mines.

Mr Sandbags said

@bethan: probably i need about 50’ clearance all around!

Guest said

So, it’s going to be a detached one, I take it!!
Stirring stuff Bags!

Johnny Stone said

That was really cool mate.

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