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His Sacred Heart

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As I stood before them

My lips poured threads of fate

Yet to be proven.

Green eyes pierced me

As the prophesies flowed,

sliding smoothly into

their holy ears.

And then the spears.

And then the fire.

Each time they burnt me,

He held my gaze.

A voice in my head echoed,

not mine, but surely his.

” Oh, you silly witch,

you know not what power

and sway you have over them.

You have not guarded your words,

but poured them like water over

their gardens of paranoia. “

When they had their fill of

my torture, he scooped up my

heart in his hands.

He replaced his own heart with mine,

now black and sooty.

His beat strong within me,

strong enough to give me

the energy for escape.

I hid in a cave. I know not for how long.

I saw him once, belly swollen, and once


Once more with a small army of girls in tow,

laughing and shifting and chanting.

When I saw him the third time,

he was one again himself.

He removed my heart from

his chest.

What was once charred and mangled,

Was now gleaming and golden.

He knows how I feel about the gold.

He takes back his heart, folding it

neatly into himself, with a smile

of a job well done.

My new heart burns inside of me,

the lead of my soul melting

in the alchemical process.

When I rise, glittering in my

enlightenment, he kisses my forehead.

“You will always hold my Sacred Heart.”