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Carnagie creepers jeep flipchart geranium. Evil streaking beakers leak bacon on a cranium. Lay low bilbo, said bag it mr. super, i shoe horn my corn fed friends with sally hooper. My time is 5 later, my eyes are radiators, my fingers are side plates shipped from the equator. Gator aided crock of shit dial 6 for pitstops dial 4 for all dial 44 for hints of. Im tuckin into my lunch, which consists of a sandwich which was full of sand which had pissed off. On account of the faults id made a list of with mon amie claude and mon homie christophe. Im a gay bird, sage hurts thymes fine. Im a name and its james wayne fontleblime. Apron string king winged winner thin chin, bingo lingo lindas fat shins in a wheelie bin. How could anybody ever make sense of us? How could anybody make any sense of us how could anybody not be amazed with how we make your day strange? If it is something x2 let me know. Did i miss something x3 no. night porters quarters, corridor equestrian, cheque book n pen from the blank i invested in. Tooth fairy hi jack, superfluous ranger, cack in daddys ruck sack to make ya day stranger. Out of the loop and out of soap. In-vent tennis to cope and get soaked. Big bad ballykiss sally mist the lizard terrordrome foam phone banging on a wizard. Im calligraphy, scrawny porno. Lord only knows i repeat, only the lord knows. Hose shooter, looter to boot, computer rapist. Time me as i slide upstairs to where the cake is. Cardigan fanatic, a badger bait classic massive hearts attack it wack it up n pass my jacket. Im loosely based on, stamps with no face on chewin friends flem to the end or till the tastes gone. Im made of deckchairs, moustache is unmatched, green n red natrally but its dyed black. And when i shave its mostly unattached, my head is thatched u have no balls so here catch. Flavoursome tantrum, tantric hat trick, batter these cheeses please send em to fat kids. Overdosed on bovril on toast and poop tar, the goats in my home make me live in the back yard.

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lux lucis said

Rock on. This is groovy, man.

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Nightmoth said

The lyrics may be nonsense but I love this compilation -- it really turns me on! Rock the hell on!

Guest said

yes !! groovular goodness

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Gene Eric Mann said


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Letter Seventeen said

There's something to be said for embracing the nonsense. Too many musicians takes themselves far too seriously. Great work.