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Outside the Asylum

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I started to speak but forgot what I wanted to say.
I started to write but I ran out of room on the page.
I opened up all the windows and it started to rain.
I opened my head and took out a piece of my brain.

My body woke up but it felt like I was still in a dream.
My mind fell asleep but my body kept on doing its thing.
I’m mining old notebooks for rhymes ‘cause my mind is a blank.
They don’t really rhyme but I like how they sound anyway.

The monkey has a long tale, takes a while to tell.
They brought me the wrong drink but I was too polite to complain.
I’m walking in circles trying to remember my name.
I’m living “outside the asylum” like Wonko the Sane.

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jip said

lol - just listening to the lyrics again - opened my head and took out a piece of my

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jip said

cool song, chord changes, instruments, production - love the lyrics - "wonko the sane" - where did you find that? lol

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Nice ... wow even!!