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A view on ghosts. Used my tenor recorder, guitars, and bass. Bizarre how once song writing starts, it seems to write itself. Hope you like.

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Nightmoth said

An exceptionally excellent Psychedelic creation -- full of flavor and colors. Rock on!

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Gene Eric Mann said

Came by for another dose of this tasty number. Forgot to favorite this last visit. fixing that now!

Guest said

groovy bass line

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Gene Eric Mann said

Oh Hell Yeah -- Rock on! I dig your mix-down/mastering job -- superb. What a psychedelically delicious grove! Yum yum!

Guest said

nice tune . really enjoying .....

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Ed Craig said

Are you sure you're not Robert Pollard ;).

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David Toy said

Can't get enough of this song. It gets stuck in my head! Thanks for your kind words about my song. "Wonko the Sane" is a character in Douglas Adams' "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish".

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David Toy said


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Andrew Russe said

Love it.

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thetworegs said

Love it!!....

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FDR said


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Lady Jane said

Much awesomeness, Mr Jip :) x

Guest said

Great jangely rhythm guitar with the vocals. good dynamic feel, I see em too!

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Double Trouble said

Pleasantly haunting! Loved the background voices...really cool! We really enjoyed the energy of this one...very nice! Alan & Di (aka Double Trouble)

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Roger M. Harris said

Love it when that happens, great track

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Greg Connor said

Good song. Nice treat this morning. I like the recorder, and the laughter.