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Biding Time


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This song was inspired by the heavy rains of the past two days, and my wife and I biding our time waiting for them to subside a bit so we could leave the house. The guitar is my old Alvarez classical with a microphone, then run through my RP350 to get the reverb and slight delay correct. The percussion is me beating on the guitar, haha.

After finishing, I thought about adding some lead acoustic to it, but have decided to ask any of you who are interested, if you would like to add guitar, or vocals, or piano, or anything at all. I recorded it to a metronome on 120bpm so it should be fairly close to that. I am happy to make all of the individual tracks available to anyone who would like to chop it up, rearrange it, or whatever. So if you would like the individual tracks, just PM me at and I’ll get you the files through Thanks for listening.

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Sandy Gritt said

Beautiful. Sound great as is, love that low synth sound panning around the sound spectrum and that percussion is perfect.

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Max Sipowicz said

love it. from the first to the last note :)

Guest said

muy bien.

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Wildgeas Music said

Nice melody. That Alvarez might be old, but it sure sounds sweet.

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kirklynch said

Absolutely Gorgeous!

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kavin. said

Very nice indeed. May take you up on that offer.

Guest said

Great tune , great mix, ya nailed it.

Guest said

Beautiful and subtle! So well played!

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

Sweet interplay of rythms and, sounds, and melodies. Gives the ears and brain multiple trails to follow arriving at the same place.

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