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It Rains In Spain


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This is a feeble attempt to play some classical Spanish guitar. It took two takes, to make one guitar part, haha. I am no Tommy Emmanuel, and that will be obvious when you listen to this one.

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Sandy Gritt said

Sounds real good to me. You sure can play that guitar.

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listener said

What Sisster Savage said! x2

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Anthony Sweet said

this is beautiful.

Guest said

Oh blimey. What a beauty! Emotional phrases played beautifully by quick tender fingers!

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fubarsam said

Very beautiful playing. I had to take off the headset and show my wife what beauty your guitar playing is. I have to say that you have an enormous amount of talent.

Guest said

LOL. You should play La Cucaracha on the short bus for all to enjoy.

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kirklynch said


Guest said

this sounds very good to me.

Guest said


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