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Nerve Damage

the mystery tramp

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Has an intro and outro. It’s a guitar solo! …I woke up from a Coma a couple of years ago with nerve damage in my left arm, and was told I’d never play again. Since then, I’ve worked hard to do so, and this is one such attempt.

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Roger M. Harris said

No Simon, it's not rubbish :)

Guest said

very good

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Just Jane said

Never listen to anybody who tells you you can't do something! Go you :)

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Double Trouble said

Thanks for the background story on this...very interesting. Guess you showed the naysayers!!!!!!!! We loved the haunting melody and deep reverb...nice combination! We jus uploaded a guitar instrumental, too. But, this is way cool! it was worth the price of admission and a little more! Alan & Di (aka Double Trouble)

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BogStomp said

Thanks for the comment on my recent song. I'm really digging your stuff as well. Cool atmosphere.

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Double Trouble said

Hi.... We're new here, too. We just listened to this and really enjoyed it! Nice chops! Liked the change around 1:06. Thanks for a real nice listen!

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