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input output (mashup)

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full title:
“input output smoothnews standstill on frog pond”

ImprovFriday (8/27/10) mashup featuring Jeff Fairbanks (US), Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (Finland), Todd Lainhart (US), Steve Moyes (UK), & me w/the psychedelic vocals & bass.

Nightmoth's avatar
Nightmoth said

Thanks for the trip -- it was a great ride!

artery's avatar
artery said

remarkable transitions!

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Second Rate Band said

I like listening to electronica once in a while. It's a refreshing break.

Guest said

Hardcore brain F***k!!

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vaisvil said

very atmospheric - I like your touch Bruce!

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kirklynch said

Very trippy stuff. Enjoyed that!

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kavin. said

This has a bizarre carnival feel, Mephisto's merrygoround? Calms down to a nice resolution at the end.