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o hairy one - with drill guitar and vox - by simeon nu psimian


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O Hairy One

O hairy one…………

May the hair that sprouts from your coarse velvet skin
Grow through my pores & cover my limbs
May the strength that lies in your shoulders & thighs
Pour through my soul in its hugeness & pride

O hairy one……..

The lions make velvet paws
The crocodiles weep real tears
The eagles mourn for a life that’s lost
And the bureaucrats burn all their lists

O furry one - O scaly one - O feathered one - O papered one

O hairy one …..….you have betrayed me
You in your dressing gown
And your homer simpson looking at the stars and thinking of beer slippers
Dreaming of alarm clocks for hours
Making the children late for school
Refusing to admit that you lost your job
Entirely through your own unconscious sabotage
Why did you never complete your qualifications?
Why did you hide your mobile phone in your bag?
Why did you have to insult all the prison officers?
How could you betray me with a shrug?

The roaring, the flapping, the swooping & hacking
The clawing, the clapping, the looping & cracking
The scoring, the scrapping, the scooping & stacking
The snoring, the snapping, the snooping & snacking……….

O furry one - O scaly one - O feathered one - O papered one

O hairy one……

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Justin Otter Guy said

Reminds me of the wacky works of post-Floyd Sid Barrett -- dig!

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thetworegs said

Oh my Precious desperateness ......Dreaming of Alarm clocks love it....

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