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Michigan is for adventure, try a canoe.

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Andrew Russe said

"Rosie the riveter" - classic!

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H R Music said

Don't have a canoe … but did build a flat-bottom pirogue. Works in Texas. Good song.

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slkrell said

Hello, Collene. I believe Greg may have a Grumman also. We did this and skated and learned to love music in the Northern climes. It's said its in the blood but it's in the long winters that set us uppers to singing and writing and celebrating . Your last tune was just wonderful. Steve

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Colleen Dillon said

We have that same Grumman! We keep having to put pine tar on the rivets as it’s a leaker after 50 years in Northern MN. I agree! It’s the kind of thing that shorter people do! Awesome song 💚

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slkrell said

Got a Bucket list, yes you do. Well do the spring time river run in Northern Michigan