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Peaches 2

Uploaded .

well that’s more like it now you’all can like it !!
the strange endings are to tell me if you hang long enough to tell or I am lazy.

H R Music's avatar
H R Music said

Been awhile since I've been here. They've changed the site and I'm having trouble navigating it … however, love the song labeled Police Dog.

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Bethan Mathis said

Cool! Fun song and love the guitar.

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Sister Savage said

Freakin' love your vox. Haven't heard them enough lately. Great feel to this - cheeky, trad, peachy.

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Jason H. Austin said

nice-cool ending

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oldfolks2 said

Good one, Steve

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Greg Connor said

Ahhhhhhhhh , Peaches told me you were about to loose $5 on a psychic reading. Looks like that prediction came true!